Hot Sexy Girls of the Australian Summer

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Hot Sexy Girls

Check out these hot sexy girls cooling down…

We know how tempting it is to sit at home this summer, open a beer and watch the cricket but you may be neglecting our OTHER great spectacle of summer!! If you get out and about you’ll see the hot sexy girls of Melbourne cooling off. The hot sexy girls frolicking in our own backyard in aussie day bikinis are famous worldwide for their figures and faces. You may even catch some of these girls Topless as Barmaids at some of our famous events.

When the sun comes out the clothes come off and Port Phillip Bay has several topless beaches. They’ve got it, they’re gonna flaunt it and  who are we to stand in their way? These hot sexy girls are going to your local pool, beach or even the park to catch some rays. Getting wet, getting wild – hot days are good for hot girls!

We our loudly proud of our Aussie girls – especially the hot sexy girls of Melbourne . They’re cute, curvy and passionate about getting out and enjoying summer. The Australian beaches and pools are a highlight on these hot days and you gotta get down there to enjoy yourself this summer. Australian girls are awesome but don’t forget Melbourne beaches like st Kilda attract all the tourist too at this time of year so be sure to look out for what ever your eye may fancy.

English women just love the Australian sun and look their best sometime before they go red as a lobster. French chicks love a watery frolic and going Au Naturel at the beach originated in their country. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the occasional Brazilian; the hot sexy girls from South America are feisty, friendly and always worth the perve.

Of course our very own Topless waitresses, jelly wrestlers and strippers also enjoy these hot spots during there time off. maybe you might seem them around!

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