Want to Create some birthday embarrassment?!

Is your party complete without a red faced birthday boy or girl?

Taking the piss out of our friends is a time honoured Aussie tradition and a great way to make a birthday memorable. Our rowdy lighthearted events provide great opportunities for making the guest of honour squirm.

With a little background intel from you and a little help from our entertainers no birthday boy or girl is safe! We’re often asked to ‘spotlight’  guests of honour or incorporate them into the show. Our experienced hosts and hostesses will go far enough for embarrassed without crossing the line into tearful or murderous

Have you got something we can use to make the birthday person embarrassed? They’re sure to find it funny…eventually. Give us as much detail as possible and lets do this!

Use the ‘shame file’ form below to rack your brain for juicy details we might work with to embarrass your mate…

If you selected ’embarrassing photos’ we’ll be in touch to get our hands on that evidence. Compile the funniest exhibits available..

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