Big Boy Of The Month – April 2011

Big boy of the month-Mr 52

Mick is a mechanic by trade, but has recently found himself dumping huge loads on other blokes from his trusty truck; number 52. That’s right Mick drives a cement truck for an Italian firm in the city, scary!

Mick loves his truck nearly as much as he loves Mick reckons that when he dies he wants his reception to be at schnitz n tits and instead of a hearse he wants to be loaded up in old 52 and dumped in his final place of rest with a full load of wet cement.

Micks an old school stand up bloke that you could trust your misses or your wallet, that’s why he is our Big Boy of the month.

So let’s stick out our bellies and give old Mick and his trusty mount 52 a big trucking salute.

Until next time go and get trucked.

Bobbwah Big

The Low Down

Quick Stats

Nickname: “Mick ”

Weirdest Job: !“Lube Mobile, many offers of payments other than cash; weird! ”

Hobbies: “Riding my scooter Beep Beep ”

Weirdest Place You’ve Woken Up After a Big Night: “Werribee ”

Best Way to End a Big Night Out: “Not in Werribee ”

Make A Choice

Pub or Club: “Pub ”

Steak or Parma: “Steak ”

Blonde or Brunette: “Ginger ”

Boobs or Butt: “What ever is bigger ”

The Physical Stuff

Sports Played:“EmptyTurkey can basketball ”

Sports Watched: “Formula ! ”

What’s Ya Fave?

Favourite Athlete: Mick Doohan“ ”

Favourite Music Genre: “Tekas ”

Favourite Band: Tiesto“ ”

Fantasy Woman: “Nigella Lawson, you’re lying if you tell me you haven’t thought about it. ”

Favourite Beer:“Hate Beer, Spit ”

Favourite Wine: “The IGA’s expensive ”

Favourite Spirit: “Turkey, Wild with Coke please Sir! ”

Favourite Festival:“Werribee annual craft festival ”

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