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World News

It’s been a little while since our last “World News” report and a lot has happened. Of coarse this isn’t a serious read, so naturally, we’re going to look at the lighter things making the headlines.

World News

“World News Around Us”

We love our sport at the Big Boys Club, that’s no secret and this week saw the retirement of former Collingwood premiership captain, Nick Maxwell and St Kilda favorite son, Lenny Hayes. Lenny Hayes is someone highly admired by the wider AFL community, winning numerous awards over his career, the most famous, was probably his Norm Smith Medal in that famous drawn Grand Final in 2010. Whilst Nick Maxwell, was the bloke holding the premiership cup the following week, yet still managed to struggle through his career with very little respect from the wider AFL community. In our eyes, the game has lost two greats and we salute them.
Wayne Carey has written a good article about it which you can check here.

Another great hitting the rounds at the moment is the one and only, “Weird Al” Yankovic. The legendary parody artist this week has been releasing a new music video everyday. Eight videos in eight days has seen the artist trending big time online. It’s honestly great to see someone who’s been rocking out for over thirty years, still able to draw a new audience whilst keeping up with social media trends. We love the funny stuff here in the office.

U.F.O. sightings have been coming in thick and fast this year in Australia. Weird hey? Just a few days ago there was a sighting here in Melbourne. The footage is a bit strange and the U.F.O. could actually be a shooting star but earlier this year there was a sighting in Queensland that would have Moulder and Scully, getting hot and sweaty with excitement. The bloke who filmed it, even managed to do a bit of a David Attenborough impersonation mid way through, very aussie. Check the video here.

Finally, Rolf Harris. Without being too harsh, the pig got off lightly. I won’t write too much as this is meant to be light news but I really wanted to write something as I wanted to put this picture up.

That’s it for now in the BBC World News centre here as we reach the middle of winter. Stay safe and warm!

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